My job is to ensure you look good, sound smart, and make money. I’m a writer and editor with a wide range of experience with publishing houses, authors, agents, literary agencies, magazines, and marketing companies.

You can hire me for ghostwriting, co-writing, editing, coaching, and consulting. I'll also come to your conference and give your audience the low-down on the writing process, and a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a publishing house.

Need a few good words? I’m all yours.

"You're like a word ninja, sneaking up on dangling participles and kicking useless adverbs' asses."

Brian Kannard, Steinbeck: Citizen Spy

"Alice was hand-picked by my long-time book partner to help us shape my 40th book. Her flexibility, commitment to speed, and editing expertise were extraordinary. She's gotten praises from my whole team, as they have reflected on her powerful, compressed editing blitz."

Tony Jeary, The RESULTS Guy

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The Fighting Spirit with George Foreman III and Mary McAlary.

The literary bombshell from author Brian Kannard: Steinbeck: Citizen Spy.

From award-winning author, Michelle Moore: Selling Simplified.

A touching memoir by Angelia Waite: Bomb Pops, Blow Dryers, and Butterfly Kisses.

Quantum Christianity by Aaron Davis.