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Alice Sullivan

Online Marketing

Text Sells.

Give your site some personality and hire me to write your site copy. Whether you need copy for financial services, healthcare, travel and tourism, real estate, interior design, online reviews, or personal statements, I can make your target audience respond.


Alice has far exceeded my expectations while working with us at Sproost. She has achieved the perfect tone and sense of humor in her writing for us, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism as the author of our blog posts. She is able to work with any design ideas that we put before her, and I’m continuously impressed with how she is able to provide our readers with interesting content in a fresh, fun and extremely funny format. In addition to her great writing abilities, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Sproost has only improved since Alice joined our team.
- Melissa, CDO & Co-Founder,

Alice is a great writer and a great teammate.  Her work is consistently on target and funny (something we were specifically looking for), and it’s usually done ahead of deadline.  We’ve always found Alice to be a self-starter (an over-used term but very appropriate in this case), and often she’s pushing us in a good direction which we appreciate.  Above all, she’s a treat to work with, and a great addition to our team.
- Ryan C. Co-founder,