What People Say

Alice Sullivan

What People Say

“Everybody needs an Alice. A literary godmother with a magic editing pen. A coach who inspires and pushes you to produce your best. A surrogate parent who doesn’t let you off the hook for your own good. A cool teacher who takes the time to listen and guide you, even past the last bell of the day. Everybody needs an Alice Sullivan.”

- Veronica L. Schauder, LCSW, The Dragonfly Goodbye

“You’re like a word ninja, sneaking up on dangling participles and kicking useless adverbs’ asses.”
- Brian KannardSteinbeck: Citizen Spy

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Alice Sullivan over the past two years. As an award-winning author who has written in four book projects and written many other smaller projects, everything I have written has been edited by Alice. I consider her work instrumental in my receiving the book award and several five-star book reviews that my book, Selling Simplified, has received. She is professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and very thorough in all that she does. She takes great pride in her work and really cares about the quality of your work being the very best in can be. I highly recommend Alice and look forward to working with her in the near future on my next book projects.”
- Michelle Moore, Selling Simplified

“To the Artist who paints, color and strokes are used to make the imagination materialize so others can see and enjoy. For an Author, words and sentences are the agents used to shape ideas in the reader’s mind and heart. Few can do this conveying as well as Alice Sullivan. She is, in fact, a Word Artist. And a very good one at that.”
- Tony Nolan, Author, Baker Publishing, Hurt Healer

“I had the pleasure of working with Alice when she was editing my book, Exposed: The Harrowing Story of a Mother’s Undercover Work with the FBI to Save Children from Internet Sex Predators. She was incredibly professional and extremely patient with me. Having worked with several other editors, I can honestly say that Alice truly made the experience enjoyable. I would love to work with her again!”
– Stephanie, Author, Thomas Nelson Publishers

“The ability to communicate an idea requires a well crafted sentence and smooth narrative flow. Ms. Sullivan has been indispensible in helping me shape my thoughts by skillfully editing my work. I hold her to be largely responsible for my publishing success.”
- Dr. John Markert, Author

Alice is the ultimate professional, displaying unique writing skills and balance for every project. In addition to working as a top-notch editor, she can help an author customize a manuscript to help create the best book possible. Highly motivated and dependable, I would highly recommend Alice in any aspect of publishing.
– Paul Shepherd, Agent

“Her pen is mighty. Her brain is sharp. I always get what I ask for and more.”
- Bryan, Senior Editor

“Alice is an excellent editor and writer. Her work is always thorough and she provides valuable suggestions. She was my go-to editor on a children’s book project with a first time author who was very happy with the improvements she made to his manuscript. I’m looking forward to work with her again soon.”
- Greg, Art Director

“In spite of the often unrealistic demands that are placed upon her, Alice manages to take on numerous projects with a fervor and tenacity that approaches divine intervention, all while maintaining her sanity.”
- Walter, Graphic Designer

“Alice is a joy to work with…she is efficient, thorough, and very helpful. She is both flexible and patient, necessary qualities in the ever-changing and unpredictable world of editing. Working with her makes my job easier!”
- Kristen, Art Director

“Alice has been editing for me for years and always does a great job and always makes the deadline.”
- Bart Dawson, Art Director, Freeman/Smith, LLC. B&K Designs

“Alice has far exceeded my expectations. She has achieved the perfect tone and sense of humor in her writing for us, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism as the author of our blog posts. She is able to work with any design ideas that we put before her, and I’m continuously impressed with how she is able to provide our readers with interesting content in a fresh, fun and extremely funny format. In addition to her great writing abilities, she is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
- Melissa
, CDO & Co-Founder, Sproost.com

“Alice is a great writer and a great teammate.  Her work is consistently on target and funny (something we were specifically looking for), and it’s usually done ahead of deadline.  We’ve always found Alice to be a self-starter (an over-used term but very appropriate in this case), and often she’s pushing us in a good direction which we appreciate.  Above all, she’s a treat to work with, and a great addition to our team.”
- Ryan
, Co-founder, Sproost.com

“Alice Sullivan is consistently ahead of time with deadlines, and she’s always up for the most challenging writing job. She tackles each interview with ease, and she turns out a great story every time.”
- Ashley Haugen, Editor-in-Chief, HER Nashville Magazine

“Alice Sullivan approaches every writing project with professionalism; her work is always thorough and punctual. She communicates and responds quickly throughout the writing process, showing great teamwork even as a freelancer. Best of all, Alice greets all story assignments on any subject–from gardens to antique shopping, from home design to healthy living—with equal enthusiasm.”
- Christian T. Owen, Associate Editor, Eastport Publishing, MIDSOUTH / Nashville Home and Garden